All About Brows

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All About Brows

My passion is creating beautiful eyebrows for my clients.. brows that they love so much they wish they'd had them done years ago.

I often have clients come to see me who for whatever reason have sparse, thin eyebrows... sometimes only half their eyebrows and sometimes no brows at all.

So many women overplucked their brows in the 60's & '70's when thin high brows where all the rage and now they wish they had fuller brows. Usually after years of plucking the hair doesn't grow back, is wirey or grows in every direction. 

Whether you are very blonde & feel your brows lack definition or you have dark brows but want to perfect the shape & add a bit more colour, without having to draw them in every day, Permanent Makeup can give you the perfect brows you are looking for. Maybe you love the gym & want to look your best all the time, even after a swim or just want a more beautiful shape than nature has given you and can't be bothered to apply pencil everyday.

I see many clients who have Alopecia and have lost part or all of their eyebrows, sometimes eyelashes too and also clients who are either about to start Chemotherapy or have just completed it. For these clients Permanent MakeUp has made a huge difference.
Everyones eyebrows are unique & individual and everyone has their own reason for deciding to have Permanent Makeup.

Whatever your story.. I can give you the brows you want. It's what I love to do!

The Consultation...

I always recommend you pop in for a free consultation with me prior to having the treatment done & I'll spend time going through everything with you. I will explain the different types of effect you could have including the 3D Hairstroke Brow where I replicate the look of individual hairs to create a very natural looking brow or a Powdered Brow finish which replicates the look you have when pencil or powder has been applied to the brow. Or the Ultimate Brow with a combination of 3D Hairstokes and soft shading between. 

Its a great time for us to discuss shape & colour and if you wish I'll draw your eyebrow shape in for you. Some clients like to go home with their brows drawn on to get used to seeing them pencilled for a few hours. If you have no eyebrows it can be quite an emotional process rediscovering the you with eyebrows!

The Treatment...

On the day I will spend time designing & drawing your eyebrow shape...very much working with you as a team to ensure you love the shape before I tattoo it. The different shades of pigments available are endless as I mix & match the colour to your specific skin tone.. taking into consideration your natural eyebrow hair if you have any and the type of look you want to achieve.

The tattooing takes up to an hour and is a time for you to relax on my treatment couch.. any discomfort is minimal & some clients even have trouble staying awake.


Once your new brows are completed I'll carefully talk through your aftercare routine & what to expect. As in the photo above, initially the colour is about 40% darker than the healed result will be. This is due to some of the pigment being on or just below the surface of the skin. During the first 7 days that will lighten & within a few weeks the final healed colour will gradually be revealed. Before you leave I will book you in for your follow up appointment within 3 months to top up the colour (this is included in the price).



The new studio is set in a peaceful courtyard of converted barns with free parking, yet only 5 minutes from the M5 junction 13.

Studio opening hours are variable by appointment. Please email, call or txt for more information or to make an appointment.

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